6 considerations for your team of mobile employees.

Our workforces are becoming increasingly mobile. Before we know it, our workplaces will reflect something of a hybrid workforce – with the staff here, there, and everywhere (or more specifically, in the office or at home).

But as we become more comfortable with this new reality, it is important that organisations consider everything necessary to best empower a team of hybrid employees. Things like:

  • Collaboration tools and best practice
  • Security in and out of the office
  • Right-sizing devices according to persona and workstyle
  • Correct home-office environment
  • Sufficient connectivity at home
  • Maintaining a close-knit team when not physically together

In partnership with HP and Intel®, we’ve elaborated on the above considerations to help you better facilitate your team of mobile employees.

1. Collaboration tools and best practice.

Collaboration tools and best practice.

There’s an insatiable number of video conferencing, instant messaging and collaboration platforms that facilitate communication and document sharing amongst teams out there these days. The key is to identify the right ones for your organisation and stick to them.

Employ a blanket approach whereby the entire business uses one video conferencing platform, and so on and so forth. Having multiple systems being used opens the door to downtime and security risks. As an example, when choosing your video conferencing platform, ensure it delivers encrypted meetings.

And likewise, with instant messaging and team platforms – ensure everyone is using the same tools to avoid downtime.

2. Security in and out of the office.

Security in and out of the office.

With a hybrid workforce, you need security tools, features and policies to go where your staff go. Ensure you’re enforcing multi-factor authentication for all business-critical data and systems. Ensuring all staff devices are kept up to date and patched is imperative, as is educating your staff on the do’s and don’ts of internet usage and identifying potentially malicious emails, text messages, websites and download files.

Leveraging HP Elite PCs powered by Intel® is another strong means of maintaining your security posture in and out of the office. With built-in hardware-enforced security tools like HP Sure Sense, and HP Sure Click, the device works just as hard as your staff to avoid falling victim to a cyber-attack.

3. Right-sizing devices according to persona and workstyle.

Right-sizing devices according to persona and workstyle.

How many different roles do you have in your organisation? How many different departments do you have? How many different generations make up your workforce?

In modern markets, different roles require different types of technology. Furthermore, as Millennials continue to enter the workforce and redefine the modern employee, technology selection is becoming increasingly important to them.

But most importantly, staff need a device that perfectly suits their role and tasks to work at optimal productivity. It’s imperative to right-size your device selection according to particular personas across your organisation.

4. Correct home-office environment.

Correct home-office environment.

Your staff’s health and safety while in the office is always of the utmost importance, and the same should be said for when they’re working from home too.

It’s important to facilitate a safe and productive workspace for all employees who choose to work from home. Things like ensuring they have suitable furniture to work productively, the lighting is appropriate, and the space is big enough without causing any distractions to the employee, or other people in their home.

Additionally, if a staff member uses a monitor or two while in the office, it’s important to try and replicate that same office-like environment at home.

5. Sufficient connectivity at home.

Sufficient connectivity at home.

This is a simple one. Without the right level of connectivity at home, working to a suitable and productive level becomes incredibly challenging. When evaluating your hybrid employees’ home internet connections, we encourage you to assess the following:

  • Can the available bandwidth handle regular video conferencing?
  • Does the network have sufficient security access protocols in place?
  • Is the network secure enough to be handling business-critical data?

If you answered no to one or more of the above, there are solutions available that can be setup quickly and easily to enable a hybrid employees’ home network to securely handle demand.

6. Maintaining a close knit ‘team’ when not physically together.

Maintaining a close knit ‘team’ when not physically together.

Teamwork and a positive team culture lie at the heart of every successful organisation. So regardless of whether your team is all physically in the office or not, it’s critical to promote a positive culture of openness and inclusivity.

At MicrotechDPS, we’ve partnered with HP and Intel® to deliver HP’s Elite family of PCs to our valued customers and provide:

  • The mobility you need to keep your staff working no matter where they are
  • The performance and portability necessary to foster powerful multi-tasking and on-the-go collaboration
  • The cutting-edge security features that let your employees deliver improved business outcomes without putting your data at risk

Reach out to a MicrotechDPS specialist and learn how we can help you navigate through the changing technology landscape and leverage cutting edge devices to the greatest benefit.

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