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MicrotechDPS in partnership with HP have been exploring three key pillars driving the transition to Workplace 2020 – one that is digitally driven.

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The Three Pillars

Each pillar inherently relies upon the other to achieve optimal functionality. Security, mobility and collaboration span industries and are challenging businesses to find better ways to creatively innovate, improve operational efficiencies and drive increased productivity.

  • Mobility

    Work is no longer a place, but an activity

    Since the dawn of the digital age, society’s mentality has been transitioning to one that is immediate, and always-connected. Workers no longer punch the traditional 9-5 schedule. Instead, work styles are becoming more ad-hoc and less scheduled. 81 percent of workers now claim to handle work activities during their personal time, while 58 percent partake in personal activities during work time.1

    More now than ever, workers desire a flexible work-life balance, and with that, require technologies that facilitate this ad-hoc approach to work - being able to connect anytime, from anywhere, and on any device. 

    Reach out to a MicrotechDPS specialist and learn how HP’s Elite family of PCs provide the mobility you need to keep your staff working.

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  • Collaboration

    Connect with the right people, anytime, anywhere

    To properly facilitate society’s growing desire for mobility, your organisation needs to follow workers and fuel collaboration regardless of location, and the explosion of cloud-based Software-as-a-Service applications is evidence of this. Hyperconnected devices are needed to effectively drive more efficient means of communication and project execution.2 With the right devices in the right hands, employee productivity and workflow efficiencies thrive.

    Reach out to a MicrotechDPS specialist and learn how HP’s Elite family of PCs house the performance and portability to foster powerful multitasking and on-the-go collaboration.

    2 The Evolving Workplace: Global Trends, Copyright © 2017 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.

  • Security

    With increased mobility comes increased risk

    One of the greatest challenges to protecting a business in the digital era is the ‘shape-shifting’ nature of security threats.3 In the past 12 months, cyber attacks on businesses have risen 11 percent, with the most prominent attacks coming against small and medium sized businesses.4

    Your devices and services, in-house or in the cloud, need to be optimised with agility in mind to foster mobile work practises and on-the-go collaboration, while also being secure enough to mitigate the threat landscape’s associated risk.5

    Agile collaboration without compromising security.

    Reach out to a MicrotechDPS specialist and learn how HP’s Elite family of PCs built-in cutting-edge security features let your workers deliver improved business outcomes without putting your data at risk.

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The Right Technology

A big component of transitioning to Workplace 2020 and taking advantage of the three pillars is technology selection. To help with this, we’ve partnered with HP and Intel® to deliver you with the right technology.

HP Elite Dragonfly

Starting under 1kg, the HP Elite Dragonfly provides mobility beyond expectation in an exquisitely crafted X360 touch laptop. Connect and collaborate from almost anywhere with optional gigabit-class 4G LTE, Audio by Bang & Olufsen, and an ultrabright display.

HP EliteBook X360

Comprising the HP EliteBook x360 1020 G2, x360 1030 G2, 1040 G4 and also now the 1050, the EliteBook 1000 Series are seriously powerful ultraslim business notebooks designed to make even your hardest tasks a breeze with anytime, anywhere collaboration, and cutting-edge security features.

HP Elite X2

HP's most versatile business detachable PC, the one device you need for wherever business takes you. Conquer the workday with a device optimised for the modern professional with enterprise-class power, durability, connectivity and productivity on the go.

MicrotechDPS Workplace 2020 Services

We provide the blueprint for efficient and cost-effective digital workplace strategies. Through an integrated approach to your technology, these Workplace 2020 services help you to create “business in harmony.”

IT Hardware

MicrotechDPS possess the expertise, industry knowledge and vendor partnerships to deliver you a tailored hardware solution that perfectly facilitates the Workplace 2020 pillars.

Upgrades and Migration

Whether you need to upgrade a handful of devices, need an entire fleet refresh, or are looking to migrate any number of workloads to a new system, we have the resources in-house to get you Workplace 2020 ready.

Cyber Security

Security is about having a holistic approach, utilising best practise and procedures for data management, and ensuring all users and systems are protected against possible threats. From hardware and software to infrastructure and connectivity, right through to practice and procedure, we keep your digital workplace secure in the face of the threat landscape.

IT Strategy & Consulting

Struggling to identify a clear IT direction? We’re equipped to advise you on the best possible Workplace 2020 solutions for your business. We can evaluate your current landscape and develop a detailed strategic plan to best help you leverage the latest technologies and services designed to facilitate a digital workplace and drive your business forward.

IT Support

From a service that supports your internal IT team to an all-inclusive business support package, our flexible suite of service offerings is designed to align with your unique needs, and support your transition to, and execution of Workplace 2020.

Embrace the Digital Workplace with MicrotechDPS

We can help you transition to Workplace 2020 through the changing technology landscape, to leverage cutting edge devices to the greatest benefit.

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