Dedicated Internet Access.

Frequently Asked Questions.


  • Is my business address eligible for this connection?

    As a first step, we determine if there is existing infrastructure locally that will support this connection for your business. This is an obligation free check our consultants can complete with you over the phone.

  • What is a shared connection?

    Most residential and business broadband connections are classified as a shared connection. Put simply, a shared connection means that the bandwidth is split between other users and devices that access the same connection. That’s why your internet can become slow at certain times of the day, referred to as ‘peak usage times’. A dedicated internet connection such as our DIA product means you have your own amount of bandwidth to use which won’t be affected by users outside of your business.

  • How do I know what service speed my business needs?

    Our speed options range from 100Mbps to 10Gbps. The speed you need is dependent on factors such as how much your business depends on cloud services and video chat, as well as how many employees are using devices day-to-day. As a first look, we can determine the speed your business is currently receiving as an indicator of what you need going forward. It’s important to remember that DIA delivers the speed you pay for, unlike shared networks.

  • How much data is available through DIA plans?

    Our connections provide unlimited data. The only variation is your speed requirement.

  • How do I access support for this service?

    Each customer has access to their own portal where we record and manage all reported issues and keep you informed of planned maintenance events. As part of this managed service, we provide round-the-clock monitoring and our technical team provide support during core business hours as well as on-call support.

  • I’m currently with another provider. Can I switch?

    There is around a 60-day process to get your business up and running on our network. We can start the process at around 3 months out from your contract expiry so that your new connection will be ready to roll over once your current service is finished. Depending on your needs, you may also consider running a redundant connection.

  • What is a redundant connection?

    Put simply, a redundant internet connection is a link to the internet that activates when your main internet connection fails. Some businesses may choose to retain their old connection as a backup to further mitigate the risk of outages.

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