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MicrotechDPS are now delivering Dedicated Internet Access (DIA).


No other innovation in the last 30 years has changed the way in which we do business as much as our connection to the world wide web. Everything we do now, from online meetings to cloud-based storage systems, is done over the Internet. We rely upon it and our ability to use it, every second of every day.

Thankfully, the Internet has evolved over time with our growing business needs. From the painfully slow ADSL connections of old, through to super-fast fibre connections we enjoy today.

High performing and scalable Internet solutions have been developed for many years now, and such connections are designed with businesses in mind to enable them to run at the production level they need. Due to affordability and availability, these connections have previously been exclusive to large businesses and global enterprises.

MicrotechDPS are proud to announce the launch of their Dedicated Internet Access product. A fully managed service designed for business, DIA provides a high performing, uncontended connection. The best part? This service is able to be delivered to businesses of any scale, across both regional and metro areas. We’ve put together a short video covering the main benefits of the service, watch it here.

If you would like to know more about the service, and check your site eligibility, contact our team on 1300 033 228 or Enquire Now.

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