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CES 2019

January 2019

CES, or Consumer Electronics Show, has just wrapped up in the United States.

Brands from all over the world have been showing off the new tech they have in store for us in 2019

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Email Fraud Increases

August 2018

Phishing attacks where fake emails are used to direct unsuspecting users to malware or fraudulent websites are on the rise.

According to Mailguard, there has been an increase of 46% in phishing attacks since 2017.

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Data And The Cloud

October 2018

With the ever increasing reliance on the digital economy to get things done, our data footprint is growing exponentially.

We depend daily on our access to information, and the types of data being created, consumed and transmitted is changing.

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Griffith Relocation

September 2018

We are pleased to announce that in September, our Griffith office has relocated to a new office space a short distance from our previous location.

We are now situated at 139 Yambil St Griffith.

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