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Empowering knowledge employees in an increasingly digital world

January 2021

In years past, many organisations would operate on a ‘one size fits all’ approach to their device selection. From an efficiency and support perspective, it made sense. However, the world was also a lot more predictable and unilateral then as well.

Working late at home office with HP Elite Dragonfly

Balancing Real-time Information Access with Security

June 2020

How many hours do your employees waste each day trying to find the information they need? Real-time information access is essential for driving productivity, but it needs to be secure.

Remote worker with HP Elitebook laptop

The Essential Tools for Driving Workforce Productivity

May 2020

Nearly every role in your organisation relies on devices, software, and applications to fulfill their unique duties, while staying connected to your business and your customers. So, which of these tools has the greatest impact on productivity, and how do we get the best results from them?

A COVID-19 update for MicrotechDPS Clients

March 2020

Our hearts and thoughts go out to the people who have been affected by this unprecedented event and we appreciate the healthcare workers, local communities, and governments around the world.

Scanning & Imaging Services

February 2019

Microtechdps have the experience and capacity to now offer one of the most complete scanning portfolios in the country.

There are many types of scanning solutions needed throughout different industries and business sectors.

The hybrid workforce is here to stay, so how do you best enable it for success?

December 2020

Modern markets are becoming increasingly competitive and with that, retaining top talent is becoming equally challenging.

Remote worker outside with x360 laptop

FlowForma Partnership

May 2020

MicrotechDPS is pleased to announce a new partnership with FlowForma. Through this regional partnership, we will be bringing FlowForma support into the APAC region, to provide exciting process automation opportunities to our clients.

Remote worker outside with x360 laptop

Five Tips for Keeping Your Remote Workforce Productive

May 2020

As we try to drive business continuity in such unprecedented circumstances, many of us are having to quickly reengineer our workforce operations to keep the wheels of our business turning. By combining the right technology with our people and processes, we can continue driving productivity well after the current disruption is over.

Cyber Security Month: Don’t Sleep on These Three Rampant Threats

October 2019

In the spirit of Cyber Security Month, the team at MicrotechDPS thought it pertinent to highlight three rampant threats that every business should be taking note of. Click the link to learn what they are, and how to protect yourself:

CES 2019

January 2019

CES, or Consumer Electronics Show, has just wrapped up in the United States.

Brands from all over the world have been showing off the new tech they have in store for us in 2019

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