CES 2019

With everything from vinyl LP record players to virtual reality kits and all the amazing things in between, the CES, or Consumer Electronics Show, has just wrapped up in the United States.

This means brands from all over the world have been showing off the new tech they have in store for us in 2019 and what a great way to start.

Among the gadgets and funky toys on display, there are usually a handful of things which can really look exciting for those of us in the managed IT and related service sectors.

Labelled one of the hottest products at CES by TechRadar, is the Royole FlexPai, a phone and tablet in one, which opens to be a 7.8 inch tablet, or, thanks to its flexible LED screen, folds in half to be a reasonable size smart phone. Flexible screens have been coming for a while, but to see one implemented into a real product is exciting. It opens the way for designers to start creating some exciting new tools for the personal and business markets.

Imagine being able to roll your laptop up and stuff it in a corner of your tool bag? Could mobile computing become the new “soft furnishings” of IT? This kind of next level portability will no doubt highlight the need for IT departments to be on top of their mobile security more than ever. Just as the shift from chunky tools to personal statements and fashion accessories changed the way we looked at our phones, flexible screens could create just as big a shift in how we use and think about mobile devices.

Related to this, wearable technology had a strong presence, with 2019 promising growth in this field. Wearable tech is dominated by watch style devices, but that is not the entire field, and smaller rings were on display, such as the Sphero Specdrums, rings which allow you to play drums by tapping your fingers. Also, Virtual Reality shoes (yes, shoes) have demonstrated potential to step VR and AR up a notch, bringing limb monitoring technology to gaming and potentially physiotherapy applications. The inclusion of ECG technology into the watches, and potentially rings, could have enormous health industry ramifications down the track.

All these new mobile technologies are entering the market at a time when security in business is more critical than ever and will be watched closely by managed service providers the world over. What is convenient for the user, is convenient for others after all.

Robots were another prominent feature, demonstrated as assistants for a wide range of day to day activities, both in the home and in business, and given such devices could become interactive with clients or other outsiders to a business, this once again, opens a new world of possibilities and risks for IT experts.

Naturally the computing power on display with new products and greater performance across hundreds of new laptop and desktop devices was as always a staple, but the innovation on display has blossomed far beyond the humble PC. Stay with us in 2019, as the technology takes us to new ideas as well as new places, and who knows what will be here by 2020.


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