Case Study

Weston & Weston

The challenge

  • Countless physical filing
  • Large freight costs to different locations.
  • Time wasted waiting for physical files to be

The solution

  • A fully customised electronic job flow system used by whole-of- business, from offsite technicians to senior management.

The results

  • Considerable savings in labour, printing, freight, filing and office space
  • A more detailed paper trail that is available to any staff member at any time, no matter their location

Weston & Weston is a 24-7 family company that specialise in designing, installing and servicing refrigeration, catering and air conditioning equipment.

Based across three locations and technicians travelling offsite, they faced several challenges when it came to submitting work orders, managing job flows and storing the considerable paper files for each of their clients.


As Weston & Weston’s trusted IT support and printing services provider, MicrotechDPS were eager to find a solution that would save their business time, money and frustration.

After finding an electronic solution to their endless accumulation of physical filing cabinets, MicrotechDPS also proposed a complete restructure of their job flow system to improve efficiencies from the moment the technician raises a job onsite, to the finalisation of work.

 “MicrotechDPS designed a new system that fits our needs,” says Operations Manager, Kym Webb. “We have completely modernised our business processes and have seen huge improvements.”

A solution that fits our needs

You’ll no longer see a Weston & Weston technician scrawling on a notepad or administration staff hauling large client files to the post office. These days, technicians fill in job sheets on their smart phone or tablet, immediately sending detailed reports and photos to head office, reducing the delay in initiating a job.

Managers no longer have to wait for a paper file to arrive in the post but can check the progress of a job in real time, improving the efficiency of the final approval process. Adopting this new system allowed Weston & Weston to finally say goodbye to those cumbersome physical filing cabinets with all documents now being filed electronically.

MicrotechDPS ensured the transition to the new system was managed smoothly by providing initial training to all staff members and ongoing support.

“From start to finish, whatever we needed, Microtech were there,” says Kym.

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Weston & Weston

“MicrotechDPS recommended not only a new electronic filing system but an electronic job flow system that we could customise to suit our business.”

"Our system is now completely streamlined. We've seen huge improvements in our efficiencies and have reduced our overhead office costs significantly."


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