Cloud Services

MicrotechDPS can help you leverage the latest in cloud technologies, for better mobility and collaboration across a range of project types.

Our Experience

MicrotechDPS has been an early adopter of cloud services across a range of areas, including security, data stability and software applications. The use of cloud services to streamline backup, sharing, and collaborative workflows is proving valuable in todays connected environments, and we are at the forefront of changes to this technology, ready to provide for your needs.

Our Philosophy

At MicrotechDPS, we believe in applying trusted and cutting edge solutions across all aspects of our service. Cloud services provide risk mitigation strategies for the benefit of you, the customer. We Draw on the expertise of our team to ensure everything operates to the absolute benefit of your core business.

Products and Software

We have available an ever growing selection of products which we can leverage in this area for the benefit of our clients. Products such as Microsoft Office 365 enable unprecedented simplicity of cloud based collaborative work. Users across vast distances can now collaborate easier than ever before, allowing for streamlining of business projects and planning far beyond the days of emailing files back and forth.

Data and Security

We will employ our detailed knowledge and experience of cloud services to secure your systems and your data, to be sure that everything is safe, whatever disasters may be around the corner. A key aspect of data security has always been off site backups, and our cloud

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