Cyber Security

MicrotechDPS brings you expert knowledge and state of the art hardware and software solutions to ensure the highest possible security for your systems and data.

Our Experience

Crucial to the support of any IT system in the 21st century is security. MicrtoechDPS is a proven provider in this area, with our strong and proactive focus on the security of our client’s systems and data. We have a proven track record, striving to keep our clients safe from all manner of cyber threats in spite of the new challenges which we face today which were not around a few short years ago. Our team works hard to stay ahead of the threats to your systems, and have a proactive mindset which enables them to stay one step ahead of any threats which arise.

Our Philosophy

At MicrotechDPS, we believe cyber security is about so much more than simply keeping viruses and hackers away. For us, it is about a holistic approach, utilising best practise and procedures for data management, and ensuring all users and systems are protected from every potential data insecurity.

Software Security Solutions

Antivirus software is something we all encounter today on our computers, tablets and phones. But it is not the only aspect of a reliable and effective software security package for businesses. We are able to provide you a complete security suite, suitable for your needs, and interacting with all the other aspects of your cyber security. We aim to provide the most stable and secure operating environment possible. We will ensure that your software protects your systems from attack, be it a virus, malware, or other threats, to ensure no data or systems are left vulnerable to damage or loss.

Hardware and Connectivity

We supply a range of connectivity solutions with security in mind, including Watchguard routers with advanced security features not available in more basic units. These devices provide the most advanced security features for your systems without sacrificing speed, resulting in the most secure possible connections to the internet from your business network. These devices are also future proofed, with the manufacturers providing ongoing updates to firmware to allow new threats to be blocked quickly as they are discovered.

Practice and Procedure

Critical to ensuring the security of your systems, is ensuring those systems are operated responsibly and thoughtfully by all users. By implementing key security protocols and procedures across the IT infrastructure, we will help you to avoid many of the vulnerabilities exploited by those who intend to harm your data or systems, whether for gain or menace. By applying policies around areas such as password complexity, user access permissions, and incident management, we can greatly reduce the risk of any attack being successful.

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