Digital Transformation

MicrotechDPS can help you to transform your business through the changing technology landscape, to leverage cutting edge systems to the greatest benefit.

Our Experience

At MicrotechDPS, our experienced team has a long history of providing all the best and most up to date advice and services to our clients, enabling outstanding transformations as new digital technologies have become available. Helping our customers to navigate the ever changing IT landscape to ensure they are able to leverage new technologies for the ultimate benefit of their core business is central to what we do.

Our Philosophy

IT is a fluid area – that is, it is not static. The world of information technology never stands still, and keeping up with the changes is crucial to long term business success. We believe in constant improvement, and leveraging our experience to make your operations better.

IT Strategy Consulting

MicrotechDPS is equipped to advise you on the best possible solutions for your business needs in IT. We can put together a detailed strategic plan to help you leverage the latest technologies and services for the benefit of your business. IT is an essential, mission critical part of any business today, and we will ensure that your IT infrastructure planning fits your changing needs.

Through the use of industry leading network analyses tools, MicrotechDPS

Enterprise Content Management

ECM uses sophisticated software to manage the flow of documents and other materials through your business workflows. Documents can pass digitally from one department to another, with data added or acted upon according to established procedures, to streamline projects and core business activities. Documents scanned into the system can slot into those workflows with ease, and rapidly progress through a workflow until they are dealt with, quickly,

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