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We are a key partner with Ricoh Australia, supplying hardware and services across the full spectrum of document management technologies.

Our Experience

MicrotechDPS has a long history in the provision of print hardware and managed print services. We have a large fleet of machines in the field, working every day, for businesses like yours. With decades of combined experience, our technicians are experts who will provide you with first class service whatever the situation.

Our Philosophy

At MicrotechDPS, we believe in modern print devices as the heart of your operation, with scanning, printing, document management and workflows all key to your business’s smooth operation. We will ensure your business benefits from the best use of this technology.

Print Hardware Consulting

Our customer support team has the wealth of experience needed to help you to determine what equipment you need, and how best to situate it within the business technology environment. Drawing on that experience, we have a range of cost per copy servicing, hardware purchase or leasing options, and service agreement options we will tailor to the needs of your organisation.

Managed Print Services

With our industry leading background in managed print services, we have the knowledge and experience to give you the reliability you need for your daily print and document flow operations. From the smallest monochrome desktop printer or multifunction device to the largest production printing workhorse, our technicians are trained experts, ready and able to support you in whatever way is needed.

Leading Solutions with Ricoh

With Ricoh's extensive range of print devices including multifunction copiers, standalone print devices, we have the technology you need.

With modern features like scan to email, OCR, or advanced document and workflow management solutions in our tool kit, we will work to provide all you need, no matter how complex or simple

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Document Scanning

For small to medium Business environments, scanning is becoming an essential part of the workplace and its processes. No longer is scanning seen as a task performed when the time permits, it is the “onramp” to the digital environment and in many cases the start of critical business workflows. MicrotechDPS work heavily in this space to provide the most up to date technology, saving time, reducing risk and integrating into business systems and processes.

Large Scale Scanning

MicrotechDPS have experienced professionals who have implemented some of the Largest Government and Corporate institution scanning projects in Australia for more than 10 years. We have the capacity to sell and service High speed production scanning and software products for the most demanding and time critical environments.


Archival Scanning

Microtechdps are the experts in Regional Australia for all types of Archival scanning. Microfilm, Microfiche, Large format, Rare, Fragile and oversized books. MicrotechDPS sell the most comprehensive range of archival equipment in country Australia. Free consultation is available with our scanning experts for any scanning project that you may be considering undertaking

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