The hybrid workforce is here to stay, so how do you best enable it
for success?

Modern markets are becoming increasingly competitive and with that, retaining top talent is becoming equally challenging.

Although 2020 forced people inside and turned ‘working from home’ into one of the biggest buzz terms of the decade, flexibility and employee desires to work in a more mobile fashion will remain long after the pandemic has passed.

The new workplace is all about facilitating a hybrid workforce where employees have the power and choice to work anywhere, anytime. To do this effectively, organisations need to consider three key pillars and how they intersect with one another when evaluating their technology needs:

  • Mobility
  • Collaboration
  • Security

In partnership with HP and Intel®, this blog will explore what these pillars mean for your businesses. And remember, it is as much about business focus as it is about technology selection.

  • Mobility – consider work as more of an activity than a place.

    As digital technologies have advanced, society’s mentality has been transitioning to one that is more immediate and always connected. Even prior to the global pandemic, employees were moving away 

    from the traditional 9-5 schedule. 81 per cent of employees now claim to handle work activities during their personal time, while 58 per cent partake in personal activities during work time.1

    And with Gartner predicting the percentage of employees that will work from home at least part-time post-pandemic to rise from 32 per cent to almost 50
    (48 per cent)2, the demand for mobility is growing.

    Now more than ever, employees require technologies that facilitate an ad-hoc approach to work – being able to connect anytime, from anywhere,
    and on any device.


    The Evolving Workplace: Global Trends, Copyright © 2017 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.


  • Collaboration – connect with the right people, anytime, anywhere.

    To properly facilitate this growing desire for enhanced mobility, your organisation needs to follow your employees and fuel collaboration regardless of location. Hyperconnected devices are needed to effectively drive more efficient means of communication and project execution using:

    Video conferencing platforms – these are a great means of having those face to face conversations or important meetings when not everyone can be in the same room together.

    Instant messaging applications – are strong tools that can be leveraged for quick conversations or questions, the type of chat that doesn’t necessarily warrant an email.

    Document editing and sharing – with a mobile workforce, it’s imperative you are enabling streamlined and simple ways for multiple staff members to share and edit documents. The ability to edit and share the same document saves invaluable time and confusing email chains that inevitably result in too many versions of the one document.

    Through the enablement of these technologies through devices that your employees can leverage from anywhere, at any time, streamlined and efficient collaboration can be fostered for an empowered team of mobile employees.

    But only if you acknowledge the equally important pillar of security.

  • Security – with increased mobility comes increased risk.

    One of the greatest challenges to protecting a business amid these changing dynamics is the shape-shifting nature of security threats. HP reports that some 350,000 new variants of malware appear on the internet every day. In fact, cybercrime now equates for approximately 31% of all economic crime around the world.3

    But it’s not just the economic impacts of a breach that can hurt you long term. Breaches can also have an adverse effect on employee morale, reputation, and business relations as well.

    Modern demands dictate that your devices and business systems need to be optimised with agility in mind to foster mobile work practices and on-the-go collaboration. But as your team of mobile employees access more information from beyond the business firewall, it's imperative that you only facilitate such practices while also maintaining your security posture to mitigate the growing risk of the threat landscape.

    Mobile work with agile collaboration, without compromising security.



    3Cybersecurity and the changing office, © Copyright 2019, HP Development Company, L.P.

Aligning each pillar with one another.

Each pillar inherently relies upon the other to achieve optimal functionality. And a big component to correctly taking advantage of them is technology selection.

At MicrotechDPS, we’ve partnered with HP and Intel® to deliver HP’s Elite family of PCs to our valued customers and provide:

  • The mobility you need to keep your staff working no matter where they are.
  • The performance and portability necessary to foster powerful multi-tasking and on-the-go collaboration.
  • The cutting-edge security features that let your employees deliver improved business outcomes without putting your data at risk.

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